A&R’s are useless! (Bob Lefsetz)

You don’t have to get the A&R man to believe, radio to play your track, you can just post it online and your fans can hear. Furthermore, artists have access to the public.  Middlemen are not required to hear it.

Although rights holders have not figured out a way to monetize this access, presently the history of recorded music is at the fan’s fingertips.  And it’s not hard to find.  Most is sitting there on YouTube, waiting for you to Google it.  And rarities you hunted years are stored in lockers, a click away.  Have a desire to hear something and you instantly can do so.  Have a friend tell you about a track and you can pull it up and make your own judgement.

Bob Lefsetz…You speak the TRUTH!!

One thought on “A&R’s are useless! (Bob Lefsetz)

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